Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

 Our specially Certified Hair Replacement Specialist will take off the Graft, shampoo , cut, style, and attached it back onto the scalp and/or existing current hair.  Re-creating the look and feel of natural hair in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.  You can style it, swim and even get sand in it-all while looking great!

Certified Hair Replacement Specialist, Julie Winn received her certification from the International Hair Academy of Florida.  Julie is dedicated to making your hair style a priority by offering free consultations  - Please call to schedule an appointment.

Your Hair, Your Style

Whether you want thick flowing curls, an elegant updo, or something sassy, hair replacement restores your hair quickly and discreetly.  Spalon Spa Salon hair replacement system matches real human hair with your own to create a stylish design that looks and feels like the real thing because it is.  You can brush it, style it, curl it, swim, or even get sand in it.  

Get the look you've always wanted

Spalon Spa Salon expert stylist and cosmetologist will work with you to create a flattering, natural look that fits your personal style.  Restore your hair to its former look, or experiment with new styles to enhance your look and increase your confidence.  Simply put, hair replacement is the fastest and most thorough way to get your hair back.  Less expensive than surgery, it delivers the best-looking hair available in the industry, making you look even better than you did before.  For more than three decades, hundreds of thousands of men in North America have used this proven method to get their hair back...though you'd never know it if you met them.  

Hair Replacement Procedure

The secret is we are using Strand-by-Strand® hair replacement procedure.  Using an individually- tailored process that matches real human hair to your own, Spalon Hair Replacement Certified Specialist will create a natural look that fits your skin tone, facial structure, and age to give you a seamless, natural look that stylish and natural looking.  

Look and feel great while enjoying an active lifestyle

Men who work in front of cameras, in sales, or in other roles that have high public visibility often choose Hair Replacement for its style, versatility, and dramatic results,.  Hair Replacements look and feel natural because it's real hair, hand placed in a natural pattern to match the way real hair grows.  Style it, swim in it, blow it dry, or do anything else that you would with your own hair.  

Styling and Maintenance  

Daily Care

Taking care of your new hair is easy and convenient: just treat it like your own hair.  You can shampoo it, comb it, use hairspray, gel or other styling products, blow it dry, or do anything else you would with your own hair.  There's absolutely nothing extra to do.  

Monthly Styling

Spalon Certified Hair Replacement Technician trained stylist know how to keep your new hair seamlessly blended with your own growing hair to ensure that you continue to look your best.  Stop by once a month for a basic shampoo and trim, or go wild with a dramatic cut, highlighting, and other personalized styling.  Want to eliminate a bit of gray in your natural hair while you are here?  Your expert stylist will take care of you.

SPECIAL THIS MONTH: $39.    Regular: $539.

This includes a 1- hour consultation with our Hair Replacement Specialist, Julie Winn, whom has graduated from the Hair Replacement International Academy; which includes a Scalp Analysis & a $500 credit toward any Hair Program. 


Consultation: $39

MEN: Included Cut, Shampoo, & Style

Short hair:


Long hair:






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WOMEN: Included Cut, Shampoo, & Style

Short Hair:


Long Hair:






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SPECIAL: 1st Time Customer Hair Replacement Services
Regular price $90.  1st time customers $45. 


$50.00 - $70.00


$80.00 and Up

Shampoo & Style:


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